Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Update from a Slacker...

I know it's been a LONG time since my last post...I wanted to wait to post pics once we had a good amount of decorating and unpacking done.  I now realize that may actually never happen, so I figured what the heck...I will post some really rough pics that I took a few weeks back.

We mostly have concentrated on putting the downstairs into a nice, livable area.  We still need to paint and find a few more wall decorations, but it's getting there.

My hubby has started to install a home automation system where we can control the lighting, door locks, thermostat, etc. from our iphones or ipads.  So far, he has done the lights, and it's pretty cool!  I like the "Watch Movie" setting he did the best...good mood lighting at the touch of one button!

Our upstairs is a mess.  This summer has been so hectic, especially with us just having a baby, and I haven't had a good few days to concentrate on it.  I do have some good ideas for it, though!  One thing we did get that we are thrilled with are the honeycomb blinds from JCPenney.  The ones that are cordless that you can either pull down or up.  Definitely a good purchase.

I did decide to make my own cornices for the morning room windows.  (Pics below)  Basically, it's foam cut to size and hot glued together and then upholstered.  I went through 3 different fabrics before I found one that I was happy with.  What a pain!  :)  But, I do like how they came out!

Last week, we had our first post move walk-thru.  Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot wrong...just a few things here and there.  The biggest one being that they carpeted over one of the vents in our master bedroom and never cut it out.  Now, it's all fixed and our room is sooooo much cooler.  Guardian also put our subwoofer port on the wrong side of the room somehow.  We have no idea how that happened as it was fine when we met with them.  Also, our PM was so cool and fixed some of our self-induced nicks and scratches and a decent sized drywall hole (my hubby decided to run all of the cable and electrical cords behind the wall and into the basement so it looks like the tv is floating.)  Pretty cool!

This week, they put the final layer of asphalt on top of our driveway and we have to stay off of it a few days.  They also come around weekly and replace any dead sod pieces.  My hubby waters it like crazy, so hopefully we won't need more replacements.  We just have to keep the dogs from peeing on it, which is not an easy feat!  (I actually am trying to train my one dog to pee on the ugly bushes in front of our house so I have an excuse to get new ones!)  :)

My goal will be to take some more pics this weekend...hopefully I will get a lot done upstairs.  Don't even ask me about the basement...OMG...not a pretty sight.  But, I love my house and look forward to making it just the way we envisioned!

Cute chandelier in Brynn's room

Counter height table in Morning Room

My homemade cornices

The messy kitchen-baby stuff all over!

Family Room

Another morning room pic

Little nook area-LOVE this piece of furniture I found. Looks like a table, but you can open it up and it becomes a desk, dry erase/cork board, and charging station.  Too cool!

Our "Lounge" area-this will look SO cool when it's totally done!

Glass wall art-I ordered 1 more to add a bit more depth to it 


  1. May I ask what fan that is in the morning room? It looks similar to the one I was looking at, but I was not sure what size to get and how long the down rod should be. Yours looks nice.

  2. http://www.homedepot.com/Lighting-Fans-Fans-Ceiling-Fans/Hampton-Bay/h_d1/N-5yc1vZbvlqZp4Z1z140nuZ1z13ny5/R-100036046/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&storeId=10051#.UCPx9faPXJY Here is the website for the fan. Looks like they marked it down big time! I got the 18-inch down rod and it seems to work just fine!

  3. Everything looks great! I love the cornices! That's awesome that RH replaces the dead patches of grass. Our PM told us that they install live grass and it's totally up to us to keep it that way.