Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bye Bye Hole...Hello Home!

Okay, I have been a HUGE slacker about posting to the blog.  And I have also not taken any pictures.  I keep meaning to, but then the pile of boxes and stuff all over the place distracts me, and then I forget.

Everything went great with the walk thru and settlement.  The walk thru was very informative and it was great to know how the house "worked."  We used an outside settlement company (non-NVR) and NVR FedExed all of the resale packet to them with the paperwork and keys.  This whole process was surprisingly smooth and painless, much to our relief!

I swear it took the movers forever to move us.  There were 4 of them and they were very good and professional, but it took 11.5 hours (and a couple 4-packs of Red Bull)  when all said and done.  They scuffed the walls in a few places, but nothing major.  Ryan Homes said that they could touch that up for us after our 3-week visit, which is awesome!  They also gave us a coupon to get a free quart of the wall and ceiling paint, so we plan to do that since we probably won't be painting the house anytime soon.  I must say that I don't mind the wall has a nice contrast with the white.  That being said, I definitely cannot wait to throw some real color on the walls!

Best Buy delivered our fridge on time and the delivery men were friendly and helpful.  We LOVE the fridge!  It's just too cool...literally and figuratively.

Sears delivered our washer/dryer.  We paid for delivery but not set-up.  My hubby bought the dryer vent attachment and cord on amazon, so he planned to do the install himself.  However, the delivery guys accidentally nicked the door jam and felt horrible, so they gave us free hoses for the washer and hooked both the washer/dryer up and tested them out.

One thing for sure is that the delivery and moving guys were excellent in all cases.  It makes a big difference when you work with nice, helpful people.  It's sad that our society is surprised when someone does a good job and is friendly...we should be surprised when they are not.  Okay, stepping back down off my soapbox and back to the house.

Now, for a sore subject.  Freakin' Comcast.  They came out last Thursday to install the tv and internet.  The tech said something about the street line not being run to our house and assured us his supervisor would follow up and they would send a survey crew out on Friday.  NADA.  No call.  No crew.  I start to stalk them via the phone and IMing on the internet.  I literally talked to 8 reps who either made empty promises, had no clue what they were talking about, or disconnected me while I was put on hold to wait for them to talk to a supervisor.  Yesterday, 5 days after the initial install was scheduled, I was hell bent on getting to the right person.  After talking to a sales rep, the customer service center, and the tech support service center, we got someone scheduled to come out this morning.  My hubby gets a follow up call saying that they have to do something with the lines from the street and it can take up to 10-14 days for them to come out if the technician cannot fix it today.  Whatever.  All of our neighbors have it.  How are they so clueless?   8 AM this morning, they call again saying the technician won't be coming since they have this issue with the line and promised to send a crew out by the end of the week.  I will believe it when I see it.  So, no tv or internet now day 6.  Luckily, our super generous new neighbors gave us their password to their wifi so my hubby can use it during the day since he works from home and must be connected all of the time.  Ugh.  I have the radio on a LOT now...getting a chance to catch up on the latest country music since that is pretty much all we get in the house.  Too much to do to make up playlists on my ipod!

I am sure some of you (well, at least the few people that actually read this blog!) are wondering why we are bothering with Comcast.  Verizon isn't active in our new neighborhood yet and my hubby needs reliable internet service.  (HA!)  Our only other option for tv is DirecTV, but again, doesn't solve the internet problem.  So, we are stuck right now, at least until Verizon is up and running.

Ryan put sod on our 1/3 of an acre.  Most of it has survived, but it needs a LOT of watering and attention right now.  It looks great overall though...  We bought a Craftsman Self Propelled rear wheel drive lawn mower the other day that we plan to put to work over the next few days.  We have a pretty steep hill, so research showed that the rear wheel drive is the way to go.  The mower also has the feature of disengaging the blades without cutting the motor off so you aren't constantly stopping and starting.

Next time I will post pictures.  I must say that I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE!  It's beautiful and so very livable and I know we will have a happy life in it!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures! I would freak out if I was having the same problem with the internet company! My husband works from home twice a week so I hope we don't have any problems when it comes time to have ours set up!

    That was so nice of the washer/dryer delivery guys to hook them up for you! Your neighbors sound awesome too!

    Now quit holding out on us and post some pictures!! ;)

  2. Hi Gaylen! I just found your post! I absolutely love love your bathroom combinations. Would love to see the pictures. How are you enjoying your new home! Would love to hear all about it and see some pictures of your AFTER move! I live in Maryland too. What moving company did you use?

    Feel free to follow our journey at and click the join this site button

    Hope to see you soon!