Monday, June 4, 2012

Roses are red, Violets are blue, We have new sod, Trees and bushes, too!

We are coming down the backstretch!  7 days till the final walk-thru and 10 days till settlement!  Crazy how time has flown towards the end.  On Friday, they layed the sod and planted some shrubs and trees.  My hubby has a tree-identifier app and he took a picture of each tree leaf.  It appears we have 1 oak tree and 3 types of birch trees.  I am not a fan of the bush selection, so I have a feeling those will be changed shortly after moving in.  But they did a nice job cutting out the beds and laying the sod.

When we snuck in yesterday to look around, they had pulled up the floor coverings and we got the full effect of the carpet, wood and ceramic.  All and all, the choices we made turned out terrific!  It all flows nicely and the colors compliment each other.  Since we picked mostly neutrals with dark woods, we are going to have furniture and decor that make the rooms pop with color.  (Our big red couch, for example.)  I have also been looking at area rugs for our living/lounge room.  There are so many nice ones out there but I just cannot decide on the final color scheme. 

One odd thing is that our shower was on when we snuck into the house.  Not fully on, but like at 50%.  The knob was clearly out of whack because it took me a lot of tries to get it to turn off.  Now either we have a squatter in our house who enjoys a hot shower, or it is just faulty. On a positive note, the hubby decided to christen the toilet and it flushes quite nicely (oh, and I took a picture to use as blackmail later on if he annoys me.  Consider yourself warned, Pete!)

We changed our Verizon service to transfer to the new house, but saw they didn't offer FIOS TV yet, only internet and phone.  So, we decided to do Comcast month by month till the FIOS TV was available.  After much confusion (and 44 minutes on hold), we found out that the FIOS internet & phone won't be active until a minimum of 2 weeks AFTER we move in.  The hubby works for home, so that is a no-go for that!  So, we will have to Comcast Triple Play it until FIOS has their act together.  I will very, very much miss the FIOS!  It's been awesome...  Adios FIOS.

This week is the final touch-ups, front door painting, foundation painting, & garage door opener installation.  We are pretty sure the humidifier slipped thru the cracks because it's not there and when I mentioned it, they said it was on it's way the next day.  That was like 4 days ago and still isn't in.

We are just so excited to move into our new home!  I just wish I could snap my fingers and have everything all packed up and ready to move.  I have tried and tried with no success...

Here are some pics of the almost final product...

White door will be painted a dark red

Pete posing on the fireplace

Family room looking into the kitchen

Looking out the window by the front door

Looking into the family room

Master bath (I kinda like the fixtures...not too bad for builder grade)

Shower that was leaky

Closet (not sure where Pete will put his clothes)

Brynn's Bathroom

Brynn's Nursery

Laundry Room (tiled now)


Kitchen view from Morning Room


Tree (we think Birch)

Tree (we think Oak)

You can sorta see a tree in the backgrond

Baby got back


  1. Everything looks great! Your carpet goes very well with your kitchen floor. What colors will your shutters be?

  2. Thanks for the compliments! This elevation doesn't come with shutters, actually. Just lots of windows close together! I figure it's just less to blow away if it storms...haha...