Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OMG!! 16 days!!!

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since we started building!  So far, I am loving all of our choices and the only thing left really to see inside is the carpet, which is being put in as we speak!

This week will be carpeting, toilets, touch-ups and punch-outs.  Apparently, punch-outs refer to the general leveling of doors and other various items to QC.  They will also be tiling the laundry room floor.  Apparently, there was confusion with the laundry room flooring.  We originally factored into the cost that we would get ceramic tile.  But, to save money, we chose the resilient flooring.  Well, somehow, we were still charged for the tile upgrade.  It's too late to change things financially now, so we are going with the tile.

We finally bit the bullet and bought ceiling fans and kitchen pendant lights.  I seriously looked for 20 hours online until I was literally insane from staring at pictures of fans and lights.  Not being able to take it anymore, I did something that I was trying to avoid.  Yep, I hit up the big box stores and bought a fan my hubby loved for the Morning Room and a fan that I loved for the Master Bedroom.  We both really liked these red/orange/ivory pendant lights, so we picked those up, too.  The electrician was kind enough to hang them for us, which was awesome!  Pics are below...

I am hoping to go and see the carpet today, but I am not sure I will because I am still exhausted from the weekend and should do some laundry and pack.  Ugh.  I despise the whole moving process!  However, I LOVE getting ready to move to a new, awesome house!

Putting on the stone!

Close-Up of stone-LOVE IT!

Morning Room Ceiling Fan

Granite counter and tile floors

Island lights (and mom & Brynn running out of the picture!)

Another kitchen pic

Kitchen and Morning Room

Close-Up of Pendant Light

Stone fireplace (still wet)

Fixture above stair landing

Ceiling Fan in Master-Love it!

Lighting in Master Bath (standard)

Pretty tiling in Master Bath


Another beautiful sunset!

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