Friday, May 18, 2012

Boxes, Boxes, New Fridge & did I mention, Boxes!

I have been a bit of a blogging slacker this week.  Since there was nothing interesting to report, I figured I would zip it for a bit.

The PM called this morning and told us the 2nd coat of paint was going on today, the power is connected,  the front concrete has been poured and the cabinets are in the kitchen and bathroom.  (Going tonite to check this all out and will have pictures!)

Coming up next week is the stone (yeah!!!!), ceramic flooring, wood flooring, and installation of the lights and toilets by the end of the week.  The granite may also come next week.  We are still on track to settle June 14!

Today I picked up some gently used boxes from the movers we hired.  If you are in the Maryland/DC/Balto area, Moyer and Sons rock!  I know many people that recommend them and today I went and they loaded my entire Jeep up with gently used boxes of all sizes and even showed me what each were for.  All for free, which is a bonus!  They also bring 10 wardrobes the day of your move and put your clothes in them so that is one less thing to pack.  (In our case, a LOT less to pack!  My baby has more clothes than me!)  So, this weekend, my parents are coming over and we are going to pack like crazy!  This is all getting so real!

The one major thing to report this week is we purchased our refrigerator last night!  It's the mack daddy of all fridges and the one we have been lusting after since this whole process began.  We actually went in to buy another more affordable fridge, but they had our dream fridge on an open box special at Best Buy and they took off over $1K because it had a couple tiny dings in it!  SOLD!  Yes, it's the one with the touch screen and apps.  Totally cool.  It even has a feature where you can pick an item from the screen and put the expiration date on it so it will alert you when things are about to go bad.  Also, it has Pandora, Epicurious (with recipes, shopping list, etc), Google Calendar, Twitter, AP News, WeatherBug, Notepad (where you write with your finger), Photo Gallery, etc. etc.  Yes, we realize this is soooo unnecessary, but my cute geeky hubby is super psyched (and I will admit I am, too!)

Here are a few pics of our new stainless steel baby:

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  1. The expiration date feature sounds amazing! I wish GE made one like that. I would buy it in a heart beat!