Friday, May 4, 2012

Framing...check! Inspections...check! Excitement...check, check, check!

This week we did our Pre-Drywall meeting with our PM.  It went pretty well.  Noticed a few things here and one of the data wires was put in the wrong room, there were some gaps that you could see sunlight thru in the sunroom, there were some wires that were next to a sharp metal object we were concerned about...just piddly stuff.  The inspectors came thru this week...for the county, energy star, etc., and we got the all clear!  The drywall was delivered today...  We are going up this weekend to take some "behind the walls" pictures so we don't nail into a pipe or something later on.

Coming up this week...
Drywall installation all next week with the framer coming next Tuesday
Siding will be put up on Tuesday (they said it would take a day or 2 tops)

We are still on track with a June 11 final walk-thru and a June 14 settlement.  Whoa...that is next month!

Many people that drove by our house have been concerned about a weird decorative oval vented fypon (aka decoration) that was nailed between the 2 downstairs windows.  It does look pretty ridiculous as you will see in the pictures.  They just put it there until the stone mason arrives and can put it up where it belongs at the peak of the house.  (Thank goodness...)

Also, one of the construction workers must have been tired or dizzy or sloppy, but the decorative trim pieces around our front door look like crapola.  Especially the right side.  See the picture.  This will be fixed...oh yes, it will be fixed.

We will post some more pics this weekend if we get up there to take the "behind the walls" shots.  Part of me wants to take a can of spray paint and start writing various upgrades in paint on the walls to see what happens.

No Smoking People!  Or else!

Weird fypon in the middle of the windows...maybe we will start a trend!

Ugh...not straight

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