Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drywall & Siding...All Codes Abiding!

We went in our house this week, but nothing much new to show, so I didn't take pictures.  Turns out, the Fypon oval was just nailed there for when the stone mason comes and he will put it in the right place.  I am relieved about that, for sure!  I didn't think that trend would catch on.

When we visited last week, we let one of our dogs loose to tour around the house and I am pretty sure she marked her territory in the hallway outside the master bedroom.  Step off sista...that's our room!

Yesterday, the drywall was all put up...it appears they did the entire house in one day, which is pretty impressive.  When my mom drove by, she said that the siding was delivered, but there was no one there to put it on as of  yet.  I haven't see our siding in person on an actual house, so I am very anxious.  We got Stone Mountain Clay...Pete seems to recall it is gray and I thought it had more of a brownish hue.  Either one should be fine with the stone.

We figured the first things we need to do in the new house are:
1.  Get the utilities all scheduled
2.  Finalize loan paperwork & home insurance
3.  Order the washer/dryer (DONE-we found a great deal on a floor model LG washer/dryer from Sears...they were on clearance plus we got an additional 15% off during the 3 hour friends and family event...and did I mention they are red?!?!  Maybe having a red washer will make it more fun to do laundry?  One can hope...  I included a picture below)
4.  Order refrigerator (We want the fun Samsung one pictured below with french doors and extra mini-drawer, with the touchscreen and apps...but we will see what we can get the best deal on)
5.  Buy Granite sealer
6.  Buy Epoxy and apply to garage floor before moving in
7.  Hire a moving company
8.  Beg my friends/family for help packing!

Just to vent for a bit, I HATE SELLING my current house.  My real estate agent rocks, but the economy doesn't, so I am left paying more to get out of my current house than I am on the down payment of the new house.  Sick, isn't it?

Vent over.  On to the appliance pics:

Well hello there red laundry pair!

Dream refrigerator!


  1. You forgot about ceiling fans, pendant lights, ceiling lighting for family room, hoses, and lawn mower!

  2. I will continue the list on my next blog! :)