Friday, May 11, 2012

Let the countdown begin...

Exactly 1 month till the walk-thru!  Craziness!  I haven't even started packing...the whole idea of moving all of my belongings really stresses me out.  Ugh.

The new house is looking good!!  The siding is up and the drywall is done.  Here's what's coming up:
Tomorrow or Monday-First coat of paint inside the house
Tuesday-The framing around the doors, floor boards, etc.
Wednesday thru Friday-Something they call a drywall point-up (whatever that is) and a 2nd coat of paint

The following week, around May 21st, the ceramic and hard wood floors will be laid.  Cannot wait to see the tile, especially!

So far, knock on wood, everything is still on schedule and we are scheduled to close June 14.

Here are some pics of the siding and drywall.  I do realize that they are a bit boring, but I like looking at them anyway!  Pete still thinks the siding is supposed to be gray...and thinks they gave us the wrong one...  Men.

Pretty new siding...ugly gray day

Contrast with the white


View of siding from sunroom


Family Room

Kitchen and Sun Room


Living Room

Stairs Going Up


Brynn's Room

Brynn's Closet

Guest Room

Pete's Office

Pete's Office again

Walk-In Closet

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Master Bath

Upstairs Hallway

Going back down

Keep going down

Stone for outside

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