Tuesday, April 10, 2012


At our pre-construction meeting, we found out that our groundbreaking was slated for March 28.  My parents, sister, and best friend all live in the area, so we get picture updates a few times a week.  (Plus, we like to visit our "hole!")  Below are also the pics of what the house will roughly look like.  We were told 80-90 days from groundbreaking, so we are hoping for a mid-June settlement!  This week they are pouring the slabs, backfilling, and framing.

Stone Color
Siding and Front Door Color
Elevation C

Our Site!
Foundation Poured

Looking at the front of the house
View from street


Right side of house


Looking at the back from afar


Basement again

Where our future bar will be

Pipes and stuff in basement

Us taking pictures in our basement

Distance between our house and the neighbor's

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