Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I See Windows!

Yes folks, we have windows.  All of the windows are installed except for a random one on the side of the house facing our next door neighbor.  My mom took some pics but couldn't really see inside to take a look at exactly what they were working on.  She could see them working on both floors, though.  We are hoping that the stairs will be in soon so we can sneak a peak upstairs next time we go.

We spoke with the mortgage company today and we can lock in our rate any time now.  This means we are definitely less than 60 days out from settlement!  Soooo excited!

I have been looking around at a million different things for the house, but haven't made too many purchases quite yet.  I did buy some really awesome art glass work for the "Lounge" area (aka the living room) in the front of the house.  I am going to refer to it as the Lounge from now on because it just sounds cooler...and I feel like we will be "lounging" more than "living" in that space.

For the guest room, I found an awesome pintucked bedspread/shams at TJMaxx last night.  And it was on clearance...bonus!  Now I need to accessorize the rest of room...  I also picked up a few things for Brynn's/Guest bathroom.  I am going with black/white theme with splashes of hot pink so Brynn will hopefully like it (when she actually starts to use it!)

Here are today's pics:
Left side-the windows you see are in the master bedroom


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