Monday, April 23, 2012

Workin' on the Weekend

Looks like the framers worked pretty hard on Saturday.  The house is now wrapped in plastic and we have like 4 windows installed.  A few things that are strange...the sunroom roof is not put on, the plywood that connects the sunroom to the house is like 4 inches from the house itself, and my dad noticed something strange about a beam in the basement.  We have our first walk-thru tomorrow morning with Guardian, the wiring company, to choose where we want our prewires, internet/phone connections, etc.  I am hoping the project manager is there so we can chat about the items above.

If you are in the area, you know that it has been nasty weather since Saturday night, so the inside of our house may resemble a swimming pool.  The shingles should come today *cross fingers" and be put on tomorrow, weather-willing.

We have been agonizing over appliances.  Ryan Homes doesn't include a refrigerator, washer or dryer.  We really like the Samsung with the french doors and the pull out multi-purpose drawer.  We also are looking at Samsung or LG washers and dryers.  If anyone has any recommendations, we would love to know!

Here is a picture from Saturday night...


  1. I am getting the same brand refrigerator as the rest of my kitchen appliance. Different brands have different shades of stainless steel. Even GE and GE Profile look different from each other.

    As for the washer & dryer, I am getting the LG front loaders in graphite steel!

  2. We may get the LG washer/dryer, too...why are there so many choices out there?! Now we are trying to decide whether to go with a counter depth fridge or a regular one. And to be honest, besides knowing we have GE appliances, I have zero clue which ones we actually are getting. I know it's the stainless steel pkg where the microwave is also a convection oven...but not the Profile ones. Which did you get?

    1. We upgraded to the Premier IV stainless steel package. This includes the GE Profile line. If you tell me your e-mail, I can send you the sheet that has all 8 options for appliances. Then if you look in your paperwork, you might be able to find what the name of your package is and then find the pictures and model numbers on the sheet!

      What is the difference between the counter depth fridge or a regular one? I saw those online and I don't know what the difference is!