Thursday, April 26, 2012

Windows and Doors and Pipes, Oh My!

The house is coming along...I am really starting to get excited about it!  I am feeling the major urge to sneak in and do another walk a rebel and go hardhatless...

Pete noticed that we seem to be missing a window on the right side of the house, but we are hopeful it's just under the Tyvek wrap or something.  Just seems odd that it is the only one not installed, if that is the case.

Yesterday, they put in the windows in (minus the mystery missing window), the french doors off the morning room, then the sliding patio door.  And I just noticed when I enlarged the picture below, that we have a front door!  OMG!

There are also some big, white pipes dangling here and there, and I have to assume they are plumbing pipes.

Where art thou, oh window on the right side?!

Baby Got Back (Doors)


  1. I would ask you PM about that window before it's too late to fix!

    I just found your blog! Feel free to follow me at

  2. Thanks for your comments, CMM! I went home and looked carefully at the blueprints and saw that the only elevation that doesn't have that window is OURS! Figures...