Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 3-Slabs, Backfill & Lumber

Got Wood?  We do!  And a LOT of it!  And we also have garage and basement slabs this week.  They also pushed the dirt back up against the house and slightly graded the hills on the side of the house.  I didn't realize they would be quite so steep...could be good for sledding, though!

They were supposed to start framing on Thursday, but the framer was delayed, so it will start Monday now.  Should be framed by Thursday.  The HVAC company will come on Friday.  The following week will be Plumber on Monday, Electrician on Tuesday, Security/Wiring company on Wednesday, then the Pre-Drywall Meeting!  Pray for good weather!

Here are some pics:

Garage Slab

Basement Slab (makes basement look so small!)

Right side of house

Left side of house

Lots O'Wood

Other side of wood

Our "hole" from the road

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