Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 4-A "Hole" Lotta Drama!

Originally, the framing of our house was to begin last Thursday.  The crew was working another project and it was pushed to Monday.  Monday came and we were so excited...but alas, nothing was done.  Our project manager, who is brutally honest, said the crew was actually missing in action.  No one could find them.  We joked around that they were at a bar somewhere, but we then found out that something happened with OSHA and they weren't able to go back to work yet.  I don't even want to know why OSHA was involved!  Tuesday came.  No crew.  Ugh!  Finally, Tuesday night around 6 PM, a crew shows up and begins.  Obviously, they didn't get a ton done since it was the end of the day.  That brings us to Wednesday.  A nice, rainy Wednesday.  Finally, a little progress was made.  Not a whole lot, but it looked like they sorted out the lumber and made a plan of where everything was to go. we are Thursday.  My sister sent me pictures around 9 AM and boy are they motivated today!  I cannot wait to see what it looks like by the end of the day!  Here are some pics...
Tuesday-One lonely worker in the rain

Tuesday, Back of House (not much to see)
End of day Wednesday

Thursday Morning-Back of House

Thursday Morning-OMG Walls!

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