Monday, April 30, 2012

"Hole"y Moley! Drywall time already!

We finally got a chance to go this weekend and sneak a look inside the house!  We got there around 4 PM on a Sunday and there were people still there working on it.  So, we ended up coming back around 6 and took the full tour after they left.  It's come SO far since last time we were in.  Plumbing, sprinkles, venting, etc. are all in place.  Today they were doing the Guardian speaker and internet wiring as well as the electrical needs.  Tomorrow is our pre-drywall meeting!  So excited!

We went in the model home to do some measuring of the cabinets and refrigerator.  It was fun because we ended up meeting 2 of our soon-to-be neighbors who are just behind us in building process!  One family had a little girl just a few months older than our baby...maybe her first bff?!  Everyone that we met seemed really nice and we all seem to be in the same stage of our lives.  Hoping for some fun neighborhood parties!

Also, we locked into our mortgage rate on Friday.  3.875%...not bad!  And NVR had a special .125% credit towards closing costs that day...not sure why, but who cares!  haha

I am sure I will have some stuff to report after tomorrow's meeting.  Looks like if all goes well, we will be in in about 6 weeks or so!

Family Room with Fireplace taken from kitchen

Family room, Kitchen & Morning Room

Future DiSanto Lounge

Stairs going up

Brynn's Room

Brynn's/Guest Bath

Big Bedroom

Pete's Office (till basement is finished)

Walk-In Closet in Master

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Laundry Hookups (Washer Left, Dryer Right..good to know!)

Ummmm...wth...the rule was no dogs allowed in the Lounge Area!


Uh...this doesn't look good

Where they put the new beam (they promise me that it will be fixed and will blend in without notice...umm hmm...)

My artistic picture of the garage door window

Garage Door

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